Couples meditation for beginners – practical tantric exercises

Couples meditation is a great way to improve communication and intimacy in your relationship. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety. Tantric exercises are a great way to open up to your partner and explore new levels of intimacy. Here are some tips to get started.

Many people who have heard at least something about tantric sex have a picture-stamp before their eyes with a picture of two happy lovers sitting opposite each other. The lovers are sitting with their eyes closed or gazing intently into the eyes of their partner, enjoying an unearthly pleasure. This is where most people’s knowledge of the essence and purpose of love yoga ends.

Many European couples who practice tantric sex use this type of yoga only as another fun and trendy way to diversify their intimate lives. Modern representatives of both European and our society do not want to learn the essence of Tantra, and therefore can not understand that its true purpose is to get exactly the spiritual, not the physical orgasm.

The meaning of the teachings of Tantric sex set forth more than two millennia ago, in our society is very distorted. It is time to correct this unfortunate error. In this article we not only look at the essence, purpose and kinds of this yogic practice, but also look at some effective “bed” exercises, which can be easily done even by beginners.

What is the essence of Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga is more understandable to the representatives of Eastern countries, because it combines many dogmas by which these countries lived two thousand years ago and continue to live now. So there is nothing surprising that one of the key principles of Tantric sex is the development of personal spiritual sphere and expansion of own consciousness. Sexual intercourse is not the final goal, but one of the ways which are practiced as a ritual and gives an opportunity, by experiencing sensual pleasure and using sexual energy, to purify and expand consciousness, to rise to a higher level of development, to adjust your mind to receive completely new knowledge.

According to the teachings of the yoga of love, physical sensations are just one of the ways to reconnect with the Higher Mind. Through Tantra one can attain enlightenment and rise above everyday life.

Hindus perceive Tantra Yoga as a preparation for crossing over to the other world. This ancient yogic practice helps one to accumulate energy and self-improve, as a result of which one learns the truth, one’s soul gains the ability to escape from Sansara and free oneself from earthly burdens.

Traditional intercourse, erection problems in men and menstruation in women contribute to the loss of sexual energy, which is our power. Yoga of love, on the other hand, helps to store and transform this energy so it can be used for many different purposes.

What is it good for?

Yoga of love has a positive effect on the emotional, physical and mental aspects of our personality. It teaches us to love ourselves, our partner, loved ones and relatives, the world around us and the people around us, and to understand the universe. Through this yogic practice you can get rid of all those limitations and barriers that we invented ourselves or took from the outside world.

Tantric sex improves our health. It has a positive effect on the functioning of almost all systems and organs, helps to relieve nervous tension and stress. People who practice Tantra, over time begin to live in a more meditative and relaxing rhythm, stop worrying about nothing.

Thanks to the ancient teachings, women can become more relaxed and confident, to adjust the reproductive system, make pregnancy and childbirth easier and less burdensome, and men – get rid of potency problems, become more attentive, sensual, learn to take care of your partner. Tantra not only helps to establish an intimate life, but is also an effective natural birth control.

Yoga of love helps to develop and unfold creative potential, enhances the ability to heal and clairvoyance, calms the mind, activates the inner energy, helps to find a purpose in life, makes a person more joyful, attractive, happy, self-sufficient and open to wealth, career, etc.

Tantra yoga is especially useful for couples in love. It is very important for the partners to feel and feel each other’s emotions, to learn to truly love and accept both their physical body and the physical body of the person they love. Yoga of love perfectly fights the monotonous routine in the bedroom, increases partners’ interest in the sexual sphere of their lives, teaches them to trust the loved one, to get closer to him/her not only physically but also spiritually, promotes more accurate understanding of both sex itself and intimate relationships in general.

People who don’t have problems in the intimate sphere, live much longer, enjoy inner harmony and know firsthand what happiness, joy and success in life are.

3 Types of Tantric Yoga

Tantric yoga, like many other yogic practices, has several strands. There are three types of tantric sex: white, red, and black.

White Tantra yoga, unlike red and black, is the most valuable and effective practice. It promotes elevation of the soul, cleansing and freeing the mind from intrusive and unproductive thoughts. White Tantra Yoga can be practiced alone, in pairs with a partner, or in a group.

Its essence is to direct a person from the present to the future, to teach them to control every second of life, to prepare them for the long-awaited changes. Through white love yoga the physical body, mind and soul become one. People who practice this type of Tantra live freely, consciously and joyfully.

Red Tantra Yoga promotes a mystical experience. Practitioners of this type of Tantra use a variety of techniques that redirect the sexual energy from the lower centers to the higher centers. Sexual relations during the performance of rituals are not only allowed, but also welcomed. People may experience physical orgasms, but these, like the satisfaction of sexual desires of a physical nature, are not the ultimate goal.

Red Love Yoga teaches how to control sexual energy and use it to learn sacred knowledge and the fundamental laws of the universe.

Black Tantra Yoga is characterized by the use of shocking techniques and the complete absence of any moral principles. Its meaning is adultery, baseness and debauchery. Through this type of tantric sex you can acquire the ability to effectively develop your own mental powers, manipulate people’s minds and quickly achieve your goals.

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Top 5 Tantra Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Some of the following exercises can be practiced by yourself, while others require a partner. You should perform this or that exercise in a good and peaceful mood. Exploring your sexuality, you should not be embarrassed or think that you are doing something wrong.

Exercise #1. Strengthen the anal sphincter

This exercise of Tantra Yoga is done on its own. Its main goal is to loosen up, increase the level of your own sexuality, raise your sexual energy upwards, improve your sexual function and increase the vitality of your whole body.

Take a comfortable position, and then start alternately contracting and relaxing the muscles of the anus. For beginners 10-15 repetitions will be enough, more advanced people can increase the number of repetitions up to 20-25 times.

This exercise not only activates sexual energy, but is also an excellent prevention of hemorrhoids.

Exercise #2. Squeezes the vaginal muscles

This “female” exercise gives women the opportunity to know their own sexuality, strengthen the vaginal walls and inner genitals, reduce the risk of uterus prolapse (prolapse), improve the function of the genitourinary system.

Take a comfortable position, gently and gently insert your index and middle fingers folded together into the vagina. First squeeze the vaginal muscles strongly, and then relax them completely. Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise #3. Massage the Hui Yin point

The Hui Yin point is located between the genitals and the anus. If it is properly stimulated it is able not only to unblock sexual energy but also to pass it along the spine.

Use a soft and pleasant to the touch cloth to massage it. Massage the Hui Yin point with soft, smooth and circular movements for 1-2 minutes.

If a man will apply this yogic technique shortly before the onset of orgasm, he can learn to control his ejaculation. Massage of the cherished point improves the condition of the prostate and normalizes the work of the male genitourinary system.

Exercise #4. Synchronize Breathing

This exercise is done with a partner. Stand opposite each other. Put your left hand on your lover’s heart, and his left hand should lie on your heart.

Stare intently into each other’s eyes. Without taking your eyes off your partner, start breathing with him or her in unison.

Exercise #5. Touching the body of a loved one

Establish eye contact with your partner. With your fingertips begin to lightly and very gently touch the body of your loved one. Do this with tenderness and love.

Touching should increase your sensitivity and that of your partner. You can touch any part of the body except the erogenous zones.