Moon Meditation, Crystals, & Affirmations

It is important to identify the symbolism of the moon and to establish your personal understanding related to the energy of the moon. This illuminates your inner knowing because we live in a universe of connections, associations and metaphors.

When we stop appreciating the big, it affects the small. Contemplating the symbols of the moon affects our energy potential. Hermes Trismegistus said it best: “what is above is below.”

A good place to start for extracting personal lunar meaning can be to contemplate your astrological moon sign. Your moon sign is determined by the position of the moon on the day, at the time and place of your birth.

Knowing your lunar sign and examining your sign personality traits and how they relate to your behavior allows you to better understand yourself and your role in the universe.

Chances are your moon sign will be very different from your sun sign. If the Moon and Sun are in different elements, a person will often be in a state of internal conflict and conflict with others. If the Moon and Sun are in the same element, you are likely to see a very harmonious personality.

The Moon has more subtle qualities than the Sun. And our lunar character is often hidden from public view. Though the Moon represents our deepest and most intimate needs. Whereas the Sun is how we are seen by those around us.

Lunar symbolism in general has a special magic because the Moon’s energy has infinite potential. Because the Moon is in her glory in the midst of darkness, she is a vessel of unfathomable power. Her power is in her secrets.

The Moon is a faithful companion. She never goes away. She is always with us. She watches over us and knows all our dark and bright sides. The moon is as fickle as we are.

We can incorporate these powerful lunar traits into our daily lives for the purpose of gaining inner wisdom. Thus, focusing on lunar symbolism is extremely empowering.

Meaningful Moon Meditation

Position yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Ideally, you should be surrounded by moonlight. Even better if you wanted to meditate on a full moon.

Become intimate with the concept of darkness. Feel the darkness within your body and around you. Focus on the qualities of darkness, its texture, its smell, its color.

Now invoke the glow of the moon. Clearly see that the silver moonlight gently absorbs the darkness. Night and moonlight are partners, married in a mystical way.

Continue to bathe in the moonlight and watch the liquid mercury flow through you and around you. Feel its passive power flowing through your veins. Be enlightened by the presence of the moon in your awareness.

Also pay attention to the quality of the moonlight. Is it heavy? Is it light? Pay attention to the color. Does it have a scent? Is it warm or cold?

As you continue in this state of exploring and communicating with the moon, ask to be shown the sacred cycles of lunar time. In this case, you will be shown elements of nocturnal life such as:

Animals that dance in lunar melodies.

Birds in the air in the moonlight.

Vegetation growing upward in an effort to touch the moon.

Feel wonder and awe as this Lunar wisdom saturates your consciousness. Understand that this is a sacred process of learning and sharing.

When you are fully illuminated and satisfied with your lunar knowledge, begin to return to your ordinary life.

This meditation is akin to a transition into lunar energy. The results will cause a heightened awareness of the symbolism of the moon.

These are just a few ideas on how you can receive personal meaning from lunar forces. As you hone your focus on the moon, you will find other more effective ways in which to approach lunar enlightenment.

The Art of Calming: 4 steps to meditation with stones

Meditation is not just a way of self-discovery, it is a way to regain mental harmony in difficult times. Stones (and crystals in particular) have long been one of the most popular meditation accessories. And not without reason.

Meditation comes in different levels, and the most advanced ones take years to learn. But we’ll discuss basic meditation, accessible to all, in a few steps.

  1. Choose a stone to meditate on. If you know the properties of stones, take the one that fits your current life situation best. If you have a mascot stone, meditate with it. If you have no preference at all, rely on colorless quartz.
  2. Take a comfortable pose. Contrary to popular cliché, you don’t necessarily need a lotus pose to meditate. It’s simpler than that: you shouldn’t be in pain or discomfort and you shouldn’t be distracted by anything.
  3. Take the stone in your hands and close your eyes. Concentrate on the weight of the stone, the feel of its surface, the way its cold gradually diminishes due to the warmth of your skin. Make the stone the center of your attention, detach yourself from your immediate surroundings, such as sounds, light, and movement. Preferably with nothing else to distract you. To abandon thoughts, especially disturbing ones, is more difficult than it seems. This is why meditation with a stone is easier than meditation without a stone.
  4. When the outside world is no longer distracting, tune into a “conversation” with the stone. This literally means mentally retelling to it everything that is bothering you at that moment. This technique allows you to switch from chaos to rationality. As you put problems into words, you see them clearly, the uncertainty recedes, and solutions or acceptance often emerge. The unknown, uncertainty, and helplessness are most frightening. Meditation helps you sort yourself out – and give your body time to relax.
Moon Meditation

Affirmations for meditation

Affirmations are phrases that, when often repeated, help to achieve the desired goals and deal with internal problems. There is a huge number of affirmations for all occasions: for love, for success, for healing. It turns out that there are motivational phrases to combat nerves and stress. Here are the best of them:

  • I am calm as the wind
  • Nothing can shake my confidence and peace of mind
  • Only the best and kindest people around me * all bad things bypass me
  • I am getting stronger every day
  • Only good things happen in my life.

Repeat these phrases as often as possible to not give in to nerves and fight the stress of failure. Remember, it’s up to us to choose how to deal with problems.