Grounding Meditation, How To Live in the Moment

Grounding is the connection to the Earth’s energy that each person needs in order to be aware of his or her body and to be in the present moment. Grounding meditation is necessary not only when this connection is lost. It should be performed regularly to maintain spiritual and physical strength, to restore energy balance and to make the inner being more fully present in the body.

Why do you need to be grounded?

The concept of “grounding” is quite common in healing and spiritual practices, but it often has different meanings. In some cases, it refers to feeling confidently on the earth’s surface, in others to being in nature, closer to the earth.

Even many spiritually advanced and constantly meditating people do not know how to ground themselves and during sessions “hang out” in the etheric body, which hovers above the physical one. This greatly increases their sensitivity to the energetic influence of other people and entities. Therefore grounding meditation is most necessary for women, who are more emotional than men, and more quickly absorb other people’s energy. It helps to ward off negativity and create a protective shell, as well as to remove the existing effects of the previous influence.

Signs that a person has lost grounding are symptoms such as:

  • increased fatigue;
  • indifference, decreased activity;
  • appetite disorder – decrease or increase;
  • loss of interest in work and personal life;
  • emergence of psychosomatic illnesses;
  • unstable emotional and mental condition;
  • excessive irritability;
  • decline in concentration and other cognitive abilities;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • depression, sleep disorders.

If even one of these conditions is present, it is advisable to begin meditating on the techniques below. They cannot cure all serious conditions, so they do not exclude seeing a doctor. But with minor deterioration of mental or physical health can significantly improve well-being.

Grounding Meditation

Types of Grounding Techniques

Grounding meditation is found in different teachings, as this practice refers to one of the basic meditative tools. You can perform any one of them or try different variants to choose the best one for yourself.


Traditionally, the grounding meditation is performed according to the following scheme:

  • sit with a straight back, palms up on your thighs with palms facing up;
  • close your eyelids, relax, and let go of your thoughts;
  • to imagine a flow of energy starting from the coccyx for men and from the uterus for women, and ending in the center of the Earth.

One may imagine this flow of energy in any form – it may be a rod or a tree with its roots in the ground. At the same time its passage from the beginning to the end should correspond as much as possible to its real location. If this is the 10th floor of a high-rise building, then one should visualize how the rod penetrates all the floors and only then enters the ground.

This exercise should be performed as many times as it takes for the body to feel a secure connection with the Earth. It may take quite a long time, but don’t worry – such a state can only be achieved by practice.

“Going Down to Earth”

A slightly different technique involves an independent “ingrowth into the ground” without the use of a “rod”. It is performed in the following sequence:

stand up straight, relax mentally;

imagine that the body through the legs and feet is growing into the ground;

feel the part that is under the ground;

To feel the support of the earth that holds the “roots” in place.

This support should grow stronger with each session, providing the strongest possible connection to the Earth.

Reiki Exercise

This grounding meditation in Reiki is recommended to relieve fatigue and restore strength. It is performed according to the following algorithm:

Present the first symbol, the Power (Cho Ku Rei), in the chakras of the feet (on the ascents);

then present it in the center of vital energy (inside the abdomen, 5 cm below the navel;

after that – in the palm chakras (in the middle of each).

Such a simple exercise allows you to return to your own center and restore its connection with Mother Earth.

Osho Practice

According to Osho, man’s greatest problem is his inability to stand firm on his feet. When this is realized, many people’s feet begin to tremble, further exacerbating their instability. Osho asserts that the feet are the “roots” that should keep one firmly planted on the ground. Understanding this is the beginning of the solution. To complete it, Osho suggests doing the Grounding and Centering meditation every morning.

It consists of three steps:

  • moving one’s weight;
  • running and breathing;
  • moving the weight again.

The exercise for moving weight is done in this order:

  • stand straight, feet a little less than shoulder width apart, cover your eyelids;
  • transfer the weight on one leg and relax the other one, without taking it off the ground, but also without leaning on it;
  • repeat on the other leg;
  • do it three times on each side, observing the movement of energy;
  • after that, stand on both feet, distributing the weight evenly.

The last action should cause a strong sense of rootedness.

The next step, running and breathing, begins with doing a regular jog. There are only two rules here:

if conditions permit, running is best done barefoot;

simultaneously with running it is necessary to make the deepest breaths, feeling how the breathing movement reaches the second chakra (sexual center) and massages it, which allows to strengthen rooting even more.

When breathing is shallow, the sexual center is not engaged and a lack of energy is formed. This creates insecurity along with a lack of understanding of one’s essence, purpose and direction, since all of this is impossible without rooting in one’s own energy.

At the end, it is necessary to repeat the weight transfer exercise one more time. It is important that it should end with a pronounced feeling of connection with Mother Earth.

When such meditation is performed regularly, not only grounding, but also rooting in one’s own sexual center is achieved. The combination of these two results makes one absolutely free and happy.