The Brain Evolution System Review – A Look Under The Hood

On our home page, we talked about how our initial reluctance to recommend the Brain Evolution System fell away once we saw what they were doing behind the scenes. Here, we want to cover the technology of BrainEv in much more detail, so you can see what we mean.

3P-DEAP: The Magic of Threes

Michael Kelley, the chief entrainment engineer behind the Brain Evolution System, calls his technique the Three-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process, or 3P-DEAP. We call it the “Magic of Threes.”

The first set of threes we need to talk about is the unique combination of entrainment techniques employed here. While almost all other brain wave audio products deploy just one technique, the Brain Evolution System combines binaural beats with isochronic tones and temporal entrainment, for unparalleled effectiveness.

Binaural beats, while not the newest kid on the block in terms of technical innovation, are useful for hemispheric synchronization, since both the left and right brains must cooperate in “extracting” the phantom frequency difference between the two carrier frequencies fed independently to each ear. This helps the Brain Ev system achieve one of its fundamental goals; namely, better whole-brain functioning, for an optimal match of left-brain analytical skills with right-brain creative thinking.

Isochronic tones, also referred to as rhythmic entrainment, reinforce the entrainment with discrete pulses of sound delivered to the ears at precisely timed intervals. (The CDs are engineered down to the millisecond.) This is generally regarded as a more powerful entrainment method than binaural beats.

The finishing touch – the piece de resistance – comes from the addition of temporal entrainment. This is very clever indeed, taking sounds the brain has already heard and then deliberately slowing them down or speeding them up, encouraging the frequency-following response of the brain to entrain to the changing pace.

Michael Kelley describes all of this personally in a series of videos on the company’s website. Michael’s diction is as precise and articulate as you would expect from an engineer, and his belief in his creation shines through as he explains the purposes and mechanics of the system. His expertise remains available to you through lifetime customer support.

Your Personal Meditation Journey

The second set of threes appears in an “entrainment map” for each of the six CDs in the series. This map delineates the actual frequencies that are being entrained – showing you the journey you are about to take when you sit back, relax, and let the soundscape wash over you. This is where the Brain Evolution System really sets itself apart from everything else. Instead of entraining just one frequency per session – taking you down to Theta, for example – there are – you guessed it – three distinct entrainment paths on each map.

The three paths vary in significance: there is a prime tier, a major tier, and a minor tier. You can think of them as an interstate highway, a state route, and a narrow country lane. Your brain is actually presented with choices and, quite deliberately, subjected to competing auditory impulses. You see, the designers of the system could simply have taken you on a nice, gentle ride into deep, relaxing states – and on some of the discs that is exactly what they do. But the goal of the system is to strengthen your mind and to enhance your ability to choose a more relaxed state, even in the face of stressBrain Evolution System Entrainment Map. In other words, this is the meditation equivalent of teaching a man to fish: once you have completed the course, you won’t have to be “plugged in” to an audio device to keep yourself centered.

Thus, on many of the CDs, the major or minor tiers will branch off in opposite directions from the prime tier, offering a counterpoint of, say, alert Beta waves while the prime tier goes down through deep Alpha and on into the creative wellspring of Theta. In part, this is done to keep you consciously aware while you dive deep. It is not surprising, therefore, that many users of the Brain Evolution System report having lucid dreams after using the CDs, enabling them to work through long-hidden issues lurking deep within the subconscious mind. This is a tremendously valuable experience.

But the creators of the system also stress that the divergence of the three entrainment paths is there to make relaxation more difficult. This might seem at cross-purposes with the earlier emphasis on combining entrainment technologies for best effect: why bother generating perfect Theta entrainment if you’re going to offset that with Beta? Well, of course, the major and minor tiers are not as powerful – or convincing, if you will – in altering your brain waves. They are a kind of tease: “Fancy a little Beta, do you?

And it’s alright if you give in to that temptation – if you decide to wander down that little country road instead of taking the major highway to Theta. Your experiences are going to be uniquely yours. Over time, since you will be listening to the same CD for a month before moving on to the next recording, you will make different choices during your meditation sessions. You will learn that you have a choice – that you can control your own mind.

Who Said Meditation Was Boring?

Finally, it is important to note that the incredible richness of the 3P-DEAP recordings makes for a more stimulating experience, and one that your brain is much more willing to accept and, consequently, benefit from. Trying to railroad your mind into one target frequency is, quite simply, boring after a while. And it’s not the way your brain likes to work. As we showed on the EEG scan on our brainwave entrainment page, while one frequency may be dominant, there are countless other frequencies still on display by the brain. The brain is a fertile landscape, filled with multiple layers of lush activity, not a sterile monoculture planted with a single crop by an over-zealous farmer.

As should be abundantly clear by now, we are hugely impressed by the Brain Evolution System, and we think you will be, too. If you’d like to try it for yourself – risk-free for 21 days and with a full seven-month guarantee after that – click the banner below:

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