Delta Brainwaves – The Ultimate Meditation, Part II

In Delta Brainwaves – The Ultimate Meditation, Part I, we looked at the great health benefits of achieving the delta state of consciousness. In this article, we will focus on the psycho-spiritual benefits. While some of the following goals can be attained in the theta state – which is itself a deep level of awareness seldom experienced by most people – delta really is the ultimate meditation in many ways.

  • Connection with the Unconscious Mind While the theta state is associated with subconscious activity, delta goes even deeper, to the unconscious mind. Experienced meditators believe that the unconscious takes us beyond merely personal awareness and into a realm of universal knowledge – a connection with all that is. This paramount benefit of the delta state literally opens up new worlds for us to know, and explains the other benefits that follow from its attainment.
  • Empathy Delta brainwaves enable us to connect with others in a way that is not otherwise possible, exposing their deepest thoughts and feelings. Delta instills in us a deep sense of compassion for others and enhances our consideration for their well-being.
  • Intuition In the delta state, we are connected through the unconscious mind to sources of information that far outstrip anything available to the physical senses upon which we rely in our waking state of beta. Gut instincts of penetrating wisdom become available when we are “hooked up” to the larger universe.
  • Spiritual Satisfaction There can be no greater sense of spiritual enlightenment than that which we achieve in delta. In this state, we are one with the universe, one with all other things, one with all knowledge. We have come home.
  • Paranormal Experiences Astral projection, contact with spirit guides, out-of-body experiences, ESP and other psychic phenomena are closely associated with the delta brainwave. As if it didn’t already offer us enough…!
  • While the health benefits of delta can be experienced to some extent by anyone who gets a good night’s sleep, the psycho-spiritual benefits outlined here really call for conscious awareness. We want to be able to actually experience these realms, this knowledge, this inner peace. How can we do that without training for years in a Tibetan monastery?

    Fortunately, an audio technology known as brainwave entrainment can help us get to the delta state and reap its many benefits.

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