Meditation-MP3.org is intended to demystify the new field of brainwave entrainment and explain how tremendously beneficial this technology can be, whether you are a seasoned meditator or just beginning to explore the boundless possibilities that lie within.

Please browse through the various pages of the site, particularly the different categories of the blog page. There is a wealth of information here; hopefully, your reading will lead you to exciting new adventures of self-awareness and discovery!

We began our own journey many years ago, when the (now) world-famous Silva Mind Control Method was in its infancy. This was our first exposure to the “entry-level” meditation of Alpha, and while we cannot report terrific results from those early endeavors, we know they marked the beginning of a journey from which there was no turning back. For once one realizes just how much more there is to the human experience than sensory perception of, and interaction with, physical reality (a materialism that we call “the conventional approach”) then turning one’s back on the newly-revealed dimensions would be intellectually dishonest and spiritually demoralizing.

But we do not have to be limited to the purely physical, three-dimensional world with which we seem to be forced to contend. We are, in fact, connected to a much richer reality, stretching across time and space in ways our conscious mind can not yet – and may never – fully comprehend. Fortunately, deeper levels of the self are capable of knowing and experiencing these greater realities, and brainwave entrainment is the most exciting tool at our disposal to facilitate that process of discovery. We need to remind ourselves just how fortunate we are to have such resources at our disposal.